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RegenerateNZ Ltd. (Re-Generate) was formed in August 2017 as a specialist energy and water solutions business with commercial activities spanning; consulting, design, supply, specialist services and contracting.  The company has core operations within the hydro-generation industry but also applies specialist skills and services to general industry relating to energy and water optimisation. 


John Erskine.jpg

John Erskine (CPEng) - Technical Director 

John has 12 years’ experience in the design, installation and operation of hydro generation schemes and has previously held design and project management roles on a variety of large multi-discipline engineering projects.  John has specialist skills in Pelton turbines, advanced FEA stress analysis, vibration analysis and HAZOP/FMEA facilitation as well as site management and unit commissioning.  John has extensive engineering and design management experience incorporating a strong focus on 'safety in design' and quality.  John also has expertise in the manufacturing and irrigation sectors and an Honors degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Aaron Worner.jpg

Aaron Worner - Operations Director

Aaron Worner brings 13+ years of experience in the energy sector incorporating multiple engineering disciplines across various industry segments, such as generation, retail and distribution. Working in project management and engineering roles has seen Aaron cover projects across many energy sources including Hydro, Solar, Wind, Thermal and Geothermal. Aaron has worked across all project stages from prefeasibility, design, through to construction and asset management.

Richard Weaver.jpg

Richard Weaver - Commercial Director

Richard Weaver has 22 years of experience across a range of business development, technical, commercial and senior management roles.  Having predominantly worked in the Water industry, Richard has been exposed to a range of industries and engineering environments including; Power, Mining, Oil & Gas, Municipal and Pharmaceuticals. Richard also has in depth experience across a wide range of contracting models including; Design, Design & Build, DBO (Design, Build & Operate) and BOOT (Build, Own, Operate, Transfer).

Key Staff

Quinton Rowson.JPG

Quinton Rowson - Principal Mechanical Engineer

Asset Integrity Team Leader

Quinton has more than 19 years experience in engineering over a range of industries including Power Generation (Hydro, Wind, Gas turbine, Steam turbine, Geothermal), Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Aerospace, Automotive, engine development and rail, and has worked on most equipment that can be found in these industries.  Quinton is a specialist in Fitness for Service assessments (FFS), fracture mechanics, creep/fatigue, stress analysis, FEA, CFD and vibration analysis.  He has also been incorporated into all stages of work including feasibility, business case development, concept, preliminary and detailed design, manufacture, construction, installation, commissioning, handover, asset management, inspection, repair and derating across a wide range of industries.

Lee Cameron.jpg

Lee Cameron  - Senior Mechanical Engineer (CPEng)

Design Engineering Team Leader

Lee brings over 20 years’ experience having worked in the aerospace, marine and manufacturing engineering sectors where he was involved with the design, testing and manufacture of various electromechanical and hydromechanical systems.  Experienced in SolidWorks, Inventor and OnShape CAD packages and has an interest in hydraulic fluid power systems which have strongly featured in his career to date.  He has worked in a Technical Sales Support role liaising directly with the customer/end user and whose responsibilities included the response to commercial tenders and the generation of technical proposals.  Lee is a strong communicator and is experienced in Factory Acceptance Testing together with on-site activities including system installation and commissioning.

Nick Hills.jpg

Nick Hills - Senior Mechanical Engineer

Engineering Site Services Team Leader

Nick has over 15 years’ engineering experience in complex aerospace design, power generation, repair, and maintenance activities. As a trained Engineering Officer in the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF), Nick has extensive leadership and management experience in design offices, modification project management, and maintenance management of deployed operations in places such as Antarctica and Iraq. His experience also includes modification and design of systems, structural repair/modification, and airframe fatigue/corrosion management. 


Sean Grayston - Financial & Project Controller

Commercial Engineering Team Leader

Sean has over 17 years experience across a number of business management, analysis, development and project management roles.  His education in finance and econometrics focused on business, developmental and public economics.  Sean's practical experience includes project management, contract management, business case development, domestic and international procurement, financial analysis, risk/sensitivity analysis and HSEQ system management.  Sean oversees the implementation and monitoring of internal systems and procedures including industry best practice HSEQ considerations and compliance.

Alastair Rose.jpg

Alastair Rose - Senior Mechanical Engineer

Alastair has broad mechanical and hydro engineering design skills having been involved in design, installation and testing of Propeller (Kaplan) and Francis turbines. This includes new installations and various refurbishments including the 28 MW Mangahao Francis plant upgrade. Alastair also has had involvement in a number of valves including a 30 MW relief valve and large diameter butterfly and ball valves.  Alastair also has extensive site commissioning and testing experience to go with his Honors degree in Mechanical Engineering.


James Maunder - Senior Mechanical Engineer

James has 10 years experience predominantly as a Mechanical Engineer in the Hydro-Generation Industry.  In that time James has worked for a hydro-power design consultancy, a hydro generation asset owner and a mechanical contracting firm specialising in hydro-power refurbishment work.  James’ multi-disciplinary knowledge and hands-on approach to problem solving is highly valued.  James has specific expertise in the design of Pelton turbines, hydraulic transients analysis, speed governors, and efficiency testing of water turbines by the thermodynamic method. 


Cameron Kay - Senior Mechanical Engineer

Cameron has a strong background in irrigation and water handling system design, project execution and commissioning.  He has delivered in key roles in agricultural, horticultural and municipal water schemes including five years on one of NZ’s largest pressure pipeline projects. Cameron is passionate about detailed planning for safety, quality and efficiency, and has proven highly capable in achieving great outcomes with multi-focussed teams across a range of disciplines.

Christiaan Erasmus.jpg

Christiaan Erasmus - Senior Mechanical Engineer

Christiaan is a Mechanical Engineer with 15 years' experience in engineering analysis and design, including nine years in power generation asset integrity with the focus on pressure equipment design and the fitness for service assessment of equipment integrity threats.  He has the expertise to apply engineering judgement for making decisions to resolve difficult problems with limited information, and to drive them to a solution that satisfies the client.  Christiaan maintains an expert level of computer skills in engineering analytical (Finite Element Analysis) and drawing (CAD) packages.

Chris Hayes_edited.jpg

Chris Hayes (CPEng) - Senior Mechanical Engineer

Chris has 13 years’ experience as a Mechanical Engineer; 10 on heavy plant and machinery in oil and gas. Chris has had the benefit of being involved in all phases of the project lifecycle, including specification, design, installation, and commissioning, as well as brownfield optimisation and assessment projects. Chris has specific expertise in fitness for service assessment of pressure equipment.


Henning Kruger (CPEng) - Senior Mechanical Engineer

Henning has over 20 years' experience as a Mechanical Engineer, with 15 on heavy plant and machinery in oil and gas.  He has the benefit of having been involved in all phases of the project lifecycle including: design, installation and commissioning, as well as optimisation projects on brownfield installations.  Henning has specific expertise on thermally over-constrained piping on rotating equipment and vessels.: design


Yelena Pogrebinskaya - Senior Electrical Engineer

Yelena brings over 38 years of experience across a range of technical electrical engineering and automation experience in the hydro, electrical distribution and manufacturing industries. Yelena has covered and is technically proficient in all aspects of control and automation design and programming and has a high degree of competency with most readily used OEM proprietary software programming packages. 

Eric Paquette_edited.jpg

Eric Paquette - Senior Mechanical Engineer

Eric has over ten years of experience as a Mechanical Engineer in the Hydro-Generation Industry.  He has extensive knowledge designing custom solutions for aging hydropower infrastructure as well as utilizing state-of-the-art technologies for fish screening and handling for environmental compliance.  He has a passion for navigating client needs from initial concepts through design, construction, facility acceptance testing, and facility inspections. Capable of creating innovative solutions on time and within budget, Eric excels with the most difficult and challenging projects within the hydropower industry and creating strong, long lasting client focused relationships. Eric has a proven track record of creating value adding solutions for all project budgets from 25K to 200M plus.

Dean Caseley.jpg

Dean Caseley - Mechanical Fitter/Technician

Dean has over 35 years’ experience with a trade background as a Fitter and Turner and specialist skillsets in heavy manufacturing engineering.  Dean has extensive experience in heavy machining being entrusted as the principle machinist for many years at one of NZ’s largest machine shops.  Dean is especially skilled in operating and programming a range of large boring and turning equipment. Dean is also extremely well versed in inspection and measurement skillsets with many years’ experience operating CMM’s. 

Tom Richards_edited.png

Tom Richards - Mechanical Engineer

Tom has 5 years of experience as a mechanical design engineer across a range of industries including heavy fabrication, lifting devices, machinery and heavy transport. He has been involved in all project stages including feasibility, site measurements, concept and detailed design, FEA analysis and commissioning.

Cleo Enslin_edited.jpg

Cleo Enslin - Mechanical Engineer

Cleo has seven years of experience as a Mechanical Engineer in heavy machines and pressure equipment. Projects typically included emergency designs and unique problem-solving in breakdowns, equipment assessments for continued service, and brownfield equipment refurbishment and replacements. Cleo is well versed in pressure equipment codes and compliance and has spent years as a dedicated engineer during tightly scheduled plant turnarounds ensuring optimal repairs and continued asset integrity.


Dominic Stulen - Mechanical Engineer

Dominic has a first class honours degree in Mechanical Engineering with five years' experience spanning motor sport, aviation and hydro generation.  Dominic's work in motorsport has given him excellent problem solving experience, both hands-on and in design.  He brings a strong practical background, a versatile engineering skill-set and strong project management skills.

During his time at Re-Generate Dominic has focused on plant condition assessment and alignment and testing of existing plant.  He has been heavily involved in the design of gates, stop logs and actuation systems along with associated supporting equipment such as access platforms and lifting equipment. plant. 

Ramon Palmer_edited.jpg

Ramon Palmer - Mechanical Technician/Fitter

Ramon has a background as a fitter and machinist in the heavy manufacturing engineering industry. His vast experience using CNC machining centres is valuable for design review and assessment of manufacturability. Ramon has extensive on-site experience in refurbishment and installation of various hydro power sites across Australasia and utilises this experience when undertaking turbine condition assessments. Ramon has a diploma in mechanical engineering and is also experienced in the use of the Re-Generate 3D Scanning, Positive Material Identification and Laser Tracker tools.

Josh Ewing_edited.jpg

Josh Ewing - Mechanical Engineer

Josh has an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Canterbury and comes with a background in Marine Design and Manufacture. Josh is new to the Hydro-generation industry, but his experience working in a manufacturing environment has given him a good balance between practical and numerical skills fostering the ability to produce realistic solutions to design problems.

Gary Fleming.PNG

Gary Fleming - Mechanical Designer / Draughtsman

Gary has 40 years’ experience as a Designer/Draughtsman; twenty-five years in the construction industry and fifteen years in the oil and gas industries. Gary has been involved in all phases of the design process from front end engineering design (FEED), through detailed design and as-building.

Ben Broadfoot.jpg

Ben Broadfoot - Mechanical Engineer

Ben is a Project & Mechanical Engineer with 3+ years of experience in offshore and subsea O&G and renewables projects. Ben has worked on these projects from initial feasibility projects to the field/site engineer responsible for installation and completion of the project. He has also prepared engineering support and documentation for all stages in between. Ben has experience of completing site-based projects globally, with work based throughout Europe, North America, and West Africa.

Sam McArthur.jpg

Sam McArthur - Mechanical Engineer

Sam has over 5 years of mechanical design experience in the motorsport, heavy transport and medical imaging industries. A combination of both industry experience and personal projects has given Sam excellent problem-solving skills with an emphasis on practical solutions, both hands-on and in the design environment. He has been involved in all project stages, including Initial customer consultation, prelim design, detailed design, FEA analysis, purchasing, fabrication inspection, mechanical assembly, technical documentation and customer delivery / commissioning.

James Krippner.jpg

James Krippner - Mechatronics Engineer

James is studying Mechatronics Engineering with Honours at the University of Canterbury, and has five years’ experience across rocketry, composite design, software development, and hydro generation. James’s work in rocketry has given him excellent problem solving experience, both hands-on and in design. He brings a strong practical background, a versatile engineering skill-set and strong project management.

During his time at Re-Generate James has primarily focused on CAD design, Finite Element Analysis, software development, vibration analysis, and electrical and instrumentation system design.

Christian James_edited.jpg

Christian James - Mechanical Engineer

Christian is a recent graduate with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. This master’s project had a focus on temper bead welding for the in-situ repair of high pressure equipment. Christian is part of the analytical team has a strong interest in developing skills in Fitness For Service Assessment and Finite Element Analysis.

Elliott Wilkins_edited.jpg

Elliott Wilkins - Mechanical Engineer

Elliott is a recent mechanical engineering graduate with a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours). He possesses a strong foundation in both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Elliott has gained valuable experience in site installation and fabrication, which has equipped him with the ability to effectively understand and solve problems.

Through his practical experience, Elliott has developed excellent communication and teamwork skills, enabling him to collaborate with colleagues and clients to deliver exceptional results. He is highly passionate about using his knowledge and experience to design and develop innovative solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Elliott is committed to working collaboratively with colleagues and clients to ensure that every project is a success.

Donna Caves.jpg

Donna Caves - Office & Accounts Administrator

Donna has over 20 years of expertise in administration, analysis, and accounting across diverse industries, including construction, retail, and education. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce, with a focus on Management and Accounting & Information Systems, a Graduate Diploma in Information Design, and a National Certificate in Computing.


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