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Our Team

Re-Generate has over 35 team members, principally mechanical engineers but we also have in-house electrical engineering and site fitting/service staff. Our team is widely experienced in specialist maintenance & services, operations, asset management and leading industry Health and Safety systems. Our staff combine many decades of experience across a range of industries including Hydro & Wind Generation, Oil & Gas, Irrigation, Municipal and Water Treatment. Our team includes Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) resources.

Company Directors

Senior Leadership Team

Quinton Rowson.JPG

Quinton Rowson

Principal Mechanical Engineer

Quinton has more than 19 years experience in engineering over a range of industries. Quinton is a specialist for Fitness for Service assessments (FFS), fracture mechanics, creep/fatigue, stress analysis, FEA, CFD and vibration analysis including work on feasibility, business case development, concept, preliminary and detailed design, manufacture, construction, installation, commissioning, handover, asset management, inspection, repair and derating.

Lee Cameron.jpg

Lee Cameron (CPEng)

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Lee brings over 20 years experience from aerospace, marine, and manufacturing engineering sectors. He was involved in the design, testing and manufacture of various electromechanical and hydromechanical systems. Lee has experience in SolidWorks, Inventor and OnShape CAD packages and has an interest in hydraulic fluid power systems which have strongly featured in his career to date. 

Nick Hills.jpg

Nick Hills

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Nick has over 15 years experience in complex aerospace design, power generation, repair, and maintenance. As a trained Engineering Officer in the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF), Nick has extensive leadership and management experience and has been involved in the design and modification of systems, structural repair, airframe fatigue/corrosion management, fatigue testing, 3-D printed titanium fatigue modelling, and life extension/center wing replacement.


Sean Grayston

Financial & Project Controller

Commercial Engineering Team Leader

Sean has 17 years of experience across a number of business management, analysis, development and project management roles.  His education in finance and econometrics focused on business, developmental and public economics. Sean's practical experience includes project management, contract management, business case development, domestic and international procurement, financial analysis, risk/sensitivity analysis and HSEQ system management.

Chris Hayes_edited.jpg

Chris Hayes (CPEng)

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Chris has over 15 years’ experience as a Mechanical Engineer, primarily on heavy plant and machinery in oil and gas. Chris has had the benefit of being involved in all phases of the project lifecycle, including specification, design, installation, and commissioning, as well as brownfield optimisation and assessment projects. Chris has specific expertise in fitness for service assessment of pressure equipment.


Henning Kruger

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Henning has over 20 years experience as a Mechanical Engineer, with 15 on heavy plant and machinery in oil and gas.  He has the benefit of having been involved in all phases of the project lifecycle including: design, installation and commissioning, as well as optimisation projects on brownfield installations.  Henning has specific expertise on thermally over-constrained piping on rotating equipment and vessel design.

Project Engineering Team

The Project Engineering Team provide mechanical & electrical engineering and project management expertise for larger / complex hydro power projects.

Alastair Rose.jpg

Alastair Rose

Senior Mechanical Engineer


James Maunder

Senior Mechanical Engineer


Cameron Kay

Senior Mechanical Engineer


Yelena Pogrebinskaya

Senior Electrical Engineer


Dominic Stulen

Mechanical Engineer


Mikkel Scholer

Senior Engineer/ Project Manager

Asset Integrity Team

Specializing in Fitness for Service (FFS) assessment, Risk Based Inspection (RBI), Integrity Operating Windows (IOW), Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA), High Temperature and Creep Assessments, Fracture Mechanics, Failure Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Dynamic Analysis, Stress Analysis and material testing of critical or damaged engineering assets.

Christiaan Erasmus.jpg

Christiaan Erasmus

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Joe Jury_edited_edited.jpg

Joseph Jury

Mechanical Engineer

Christian James.jpg

Christian James

Mechanical Engineer

Bradley Boyd.jpg

Bradley Boyd

Mechanical Engineer

Richard Louks_edited.png

Richard Louks

Mechanical Engineer

Jared Brown_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Jared Brown

Mechanical Engineer

Engineering Design Team

The Engineering Design Team provides innovative, robust designs for a wide range of mechanical, structural, and hydraulic systems. The team employs a variety of analytical and modelling tools to provide high value solutions.

Eric Paquette_edited.jpg

Eric Paquette

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Ben Broadfoot.jpg

Ben Broadfoot

Mechanical Engineer

Matt Alemann_edited_edited.jpg

Matt Alemann

Mechanical Engineer

Elliott Wilkins.jpg

Elliot Wilkins

Mechanical Engineer

Tom Richards_edited.png

Tom Richards

Mechanical Engineer


Levon Stone

Graduate Engineer

Engineering Site Services Team

The Engineering Site Services Team are specialists in Condition Assessment, Positive Material Identification (PMI), Precision Measurement using the latest 3D Scanning techniques, Alignment, Repair, Installation, Manufacture, and Procurement of complex mechanical, hydraulic and water systems.

Dean Caseley.jpg

Dean Caseley

Mechanical Technician/Fitter

Sam McArthur.jpg

Sam McArthur

Mechanical Engineer

Ramon Palmer_edited.jpg

Ramon Palmer

Mechanical Technician/Fitter

John Newell.jpg

John Newell

Mechanical Technician

Josh Ewing.jpg

Josh Ewing

Mechanical Engineer


Arjun Prakesh

Mechanical Technician

Industrial Engineering Team

Cleo Enslin_edited.jpg

Cleo Enslin

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Chris Naude_edited.jpg

Chris Naude

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Engineering Energy Team

Gary Fleming_edited.jpg

Gary Fleming

Mechanical Draughtsman

Mahmoud Zendehdel_edited.jpg

Mahmoud Zendehdel

Senior Mechanical Engineer

James Krippner.JPG

James Krippner

Mechatronics Engineer

Joel Beaty_edited.jpg

Joel Beaty

Mechanical Draughtsman

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