Consulting Engineering

Lifting Beam Spreader Bar Equipment
Lifting Equipment Testing & Design Certification

Re-Generate has proven and extensive experience of design, testing and design certification for a range of lifting equipment including cranes, lifting beams and spreader bars.  With the increasing focus on Health and Safety in the Workplace, Re-Generate can assist with ensuring your lifting equipment is designed and certified to ensure the safety of staff and equipment.  Re-Generate has CPEng engineers available for Design Certification.

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Re-Generate have a highly accurate and portable measurement arm and scanner for a range of tasks; Quality Control including as-built dimensioning and parts inspection, reverse engineering, creation of 3D models including scan to CAD, rapid prototyping, wear and trend analysis and surface inspections. 

3D CAD and Modelling,
Butterfly Valve Design
Specialist Mechanical Engineering

We offer a range of specialist mechanical engineering services including; 3D CAD and Modelling (SolidWorks Professional), Advanced Finite Element (FEA) Models and Analysis, Fatigue Studies, Simulations, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) expertise etc.

Mechanical Design

Re-Generate has extensive experience in a variety of Mechanical Design Fields and has successfully designed a range of hydro generation turbines, runners, large diameter valves (spherical, butterfly etc), intake gates, cranes, screen cleaners and even a pipe repair robot which was used to hydraulically jack and repair a damaged pipe under a dam.

Hydro Generation Refurbishment and Troubleshooting

One of the key strengths of Re-Generate staff is extensive field experience which makes them much better design engineers from having been exposed to a variety of installation, commissioning, and operations activities.

3-D Modelling and Drafting

Detailed Engineering modelling and drafting, production of "for manufacture" drawings, and also rendering and animation of solid models.

Design of Bifurcations (Wye's) 

Full design service including advanced FEA, fatigue analysis, and failure mode analysis. Full production drawings for manufacture.

Turbine Runner Inspection and repairs

Specialist inspection and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) using Magnetic Particle, Ultra Sonic, and Dye Penetrant of runners in-situ or out of service.  Tailored repair and welding methodologies, FEA and stress analysis. 3D Scanning to quantify wear over time from erosion or cavitation. Return to Service strategies.