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Supply Solutions

Re-Generate has built an extensive network of local and International supply partners and can provide a range of specialty steels and metal, castings, forgings, large CNC machined components, bearings and housings, valves, hydro turbines, and pumps.

Specialty and Exotic Metals
Specialty and Exotic Metals

Utilising our global network of suppliers, Re-Generate can source and import a wide range of specialist metals including titanium alloys, stainless steel, nickel and nickel copper alloys, aluminium and a range of exotic metals. 

Specialty grade stainless steel
Specialty Grade Stainless Steels

Re-Generate have built extensive networks with international suppliers of specialty stainless steels including martensitic, austensitic, duplex and superduplex  etc.  Our in-house team of mechanical engineers are experienced and well qualified to help you choose the right grade of steel for your application.

Forgings and Castins
Forgings and Castings

Supply of high grade forgings and castings is a strength of Re-Generate and we utilise a range of international suppliers that we trust to provide high quality forgings and castings and we can supply rough, proof or finished machined components at very economical prices.  

Large CNC Machining
Large CNC Machining

In addition to sourcing the material, Re-Generate can also source large and heavy CNC machined components at extremely competitive rates.  Re-Generate have sourced a range of hydro-generation components including runners and guide vanes but the processes are equally as relevant to all industry where high quality surface finish and high precision are required.  

Supply Chain Solutions
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