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On-Site Services

Field Analysis & Testing

Re-Generate's field analysis and testing services help to evaluate the fitness for service of plant, monitor component condition in real time, and detect existing or potential future damage at an early stage allowing clients to avoid costly failures and extend the lifetime of their equipment.  This approach allows for necessary investigations to be carried out at the site without destroying the components, and avoiding costly plant outages or difficult repairs from cutting samples for laboratory testing.  This service includes Positive Material Identification (PMI) utilizing laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) and x-ray fluorescence (XRF), metallurgical replication of microstructure for analysis and evaluation, and hardness testing.

Condition Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Where plant reliability is of the utmost importance, preventative maintenance and intelligent diagnostics become critical.  Re-Generate engineers have extensive experience with large rotating machinery and a range of condition monitoring and troubleshooting skills including; vibration analysis, lubricant analysis and infrared thermography.

Installation and Commissioning Engineering Services

Our team of design engineers are unique in the fact that as designers, they also have extensive experience overseeing installation and commissioning of their designs.  Exposure to installation and commissioning activity makes our engineers fundamentally better designers.

Experienced Re-Generate engineers are readily available to oversee installation and commissioning of a range of electro-mechanical equipment.

Asset Management 

Re-Generate have extensive experience in maintaining and servicing a variety of assets including hydro generation turbines, valves, pumps etc.  We can offer short or long term contracts for servicing, maintenance and inspections and have expertise in condition monitoring and NDT.

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